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What Makes Great Logo Design and Corporate Image?
By Lisa Willis • Vice President, Business Designs Unlimited

Your brand imagery is one of the most important elements when creating your company.
It is the first thing that your potential customers will see.
Plus, it can determine whether they look further into your business or pass it by.

There are five principals of effective logo design.

It makes the logo easily recognizable. Think of logos such as Nike, McDonalds, Twitter or Mercedes Benz.

1. Simple

Built on the simplicity, the mind will easily remember. The Starbucks logo comes to mind. Its original form was not clean, simple and memorable, but Today’s version is.

2. Memorable

Built on the simplicity, the mind will easily remember.    The Starbucks logo comes to mind. Its original form was not clean, simple and memorable, but Today’s version is.

3. Timeless

Although logos should be updated every five or so years, the initial design should stand the test of time. Check out Coca-Cola’s evolution.

4. Versatile

Logos need to be usable in both horizontal and vertical formats. They also need to be usable on multiple types of media, such as banners, apparel, packaging, online and on print. They must also be usable in various sizes. A poorly designed cluttered logo will not size down well.

5. Appropriate

Is the logo resonating with the intended audience?

Here are some of the most recent designs
created by Pia and the Business Designs Unlimited team.

So how do you choose a logo designer?

If you are reading this blog, you have a head start! Business Designs Unlimited designers tick off the following boxes:

Strength of Portfolio:

Pia Ceccarelli has over 20 years of experience in designing business logos. She holds a B.A degree in design as well from the Montessori Design Institute, I highly regarded school in Lima, Peru. Check out her portfolio.


How long will it take for your logo to be completed? Typically, your logo proof should be sent to you within 15 days, per industry standards. With Business Designs Unlimited, you will see your logo design comps in two days. This includes three designs to choose from.


Logo and corporate design elements can be needlessly pricy. Business Designs Unlimited has intentionally kept costs down so that virtually any business can look amazing. Ask about our flat fee pricing.


Has the designer received great reviews from prior customers? Business Designs Unlimited has a long list of customer referrals, including Florida Hospital, Prospera, Hilton Daytona Beach Ocean Walk Village, Florida Technical College, and many more.

Bottom line:

Choose a designer who has a fantastic reputation and a superior portfolio of work.

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