Business Designs Unlimited

CEO/President/Branding Expert

Pia Ceccarelli

Pia is a business and graphic design professional with broad based knowledge and expertise in a variety of art forms including branding, logo design, all print media concepts, outdoor, murals, large format posters, website design, television commercial production and custom work for publishers.

She specializes in Hispanic marketing and Spanish language translation services, and works closely with advertising agencies and public relation firms to assist with exceptional graphic design services and advertising campaigns.

Pia has the ability to provide creative direction due to her strong business acumen. This allows her to provide strategic direction when working directly with key accounts management. She can produce effective ideas under tight timelines with her strong delegation and time management skills. Pia will oversee work that is delivered on time and within budget. She has extensive work in public relations and event management.


Orlando, Florida
Planet Kids Orlando Newspaper
2009 - 2011
Orlando, Florida
Pia Ceccarelli Design Studio
2002 - 2009
Orlando, Florida
Centaur Design Group
2002 - 2009
Orlando, Florida
Graphic Designer
Recoton Corporation
- Design of sellsheets, print layouts, package design mock-ups for presentations, & POP designs. Company liaison with print vendors to oversee proofing for match prints and film. Development of renderings for product design and instruction manuals for various electronics products. Directing Product Shots (cleaning, retouching and clipping images). Chief translator and proof-reader for bilingual informational pieces. Departmental Coordinator coordinating with Recoton’s marketing department tracking jobs from inception to finished product.
1994 - 1996
Artist/Paste Up
Let It Fly Events
- Creation and production props for theme parties, painting mirrors, illustrations, utilizing foams, foam core, plywood and fabric
1991 - 1993
Ceccarelli Designs
- Managed graphics art studio developing various art layouts for restaurants involving menu designs, seasonal advertising, and hand-made displays
Montessori Design Institute
B.A., Graphic Design and Advertising



Since 2017, Angie has worked in web development and search engine optimization (SEO), cultivating an expertise in user experience (UX) and digital design. A University of Florida graduate with a BFA in English, Angie uniquely blends creative expression with technical expertise. Her certifications in UX/UI design and Search Engine Optimization from Google have given her in-depth industry knowledge into online growth.


Passionate about empowering businesses, especially small ones, Angie has played a pivotal role at BDU, helping numerous companies establish and enhance their online presence. Beyond website development, she excels in crafting engaging social media campaigns and optimizing content for improved performance metrics. Angie’s journey at BDU is a commitment to making a lasting impact on businesses’ digital success.



Sofia received her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Florida. As a designer, she explores concepts of her own self identity and social activism through her specialization in branding and packaging design, and vector illustration by using vibrant colors and geometric elements with a design philosophy of always creating intentional, inclusive work.


As a designer at BDU, she’s grown a passion for print design. From posters, navigation materials, banners, flyers, capability statements, and more, she’s been able to refine her design process.

Art Director & Project Manager

Cecillia lin

Cecillia has been with Business Designs Unlimited since 2015. She is an extremely talented graphic designer who oversees all design projects as well as ensures quality control. Before any designs are sent to clients, Cecillia makes certain that they are accurate and meet the stringent standards set by Business Designs Unlimited. She also oversees project management and prepress approval for both website and graphic design.


Cecillia graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013, with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Post graduation, she began her career assisting multiple Orlando-area small businesses with their design projects, and to improve their brand image. She continues to advance her design skills and to learn new ways to effectively produce designs that meet and exceed the customers’ needs.