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How Does Blogging Help Your Brand?
By Lisa Willis • Vice President, Business Designs Unlimited

One of the most effect ways to build brand awareness is by providing relevant content for consumers to easily find.

We are in the age of instant information, with the ability to find just about anything necessary on the Internet.

That’s where blogging comes in.

Blogs made their debut in the cyberworld in 1999 and have evolved from rudimentary journals to information hubs that can change lives and significantly impact businesses. If you are looking for information or a point of view, there’s a blog for that. So why not join this conversation to share information about your product or service? Here are some examples of great corporate blogs:

Let’s dig into the components of a blog post and what each does.


Exactly like traditional media, your headline will attract your readers. A headline can tease to a favorites list, new product reveal, interview with an important person, a response regarding an issue, or a how-to. The better the headline, the better the browser can find the post and share it. Headlines don’t need to be complicated and should be to the point.


Example: “Tesla’s Road Less Travelled Towards Autonomy.”


This is a great blog headline for multiple reasons.


Content is king! The goal is to attract a following to your blog and to become a trusted authority. Do your research in addition to writing what you know. Go the extra mile on this. Your content should be succinct, accurate and compelling.


Don’t bury the lead! As a former journalist, I knew what was meant on the first day of journalism class. Basically, it means that you must draft a sentence that draws your readers in as well as tells them what your topic is about. Think of it as a thesis or summation. Both your readers and the search bots will want you to get to the point of your blog.


Your content is your chance to take your readers on a journey and to inform them. You don’t need to write like Shakespeare to do this. It’s better to write like Hemmingway – short and concise. Show your humanness and, when appropriate, your sense of humor.


If you don’t have good content, then seek the assistance of someone who can do your research and writing.


Break your blog into segments. This helps your readers to know what they are about to read or if it is a part that they can skip. It also helps your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search bots love subheads.


Backlinks are a fantastic way to increase your SEO, and blogs are a natural way to acquire them. Compile a list of links to other blogs or websites that provide further information on your topic. Either imbed them into the text of the blog or leave them whole on the page. Google bots also use links when determining your SEO ranking. So far, I have nine links in this blog. Here’s another one on how to imbed your links.


Who isn’t attracted by visuals? Use imagery to further tell your story. These important components can come in the form of a static image, video, illustration, or infographic. Don’t know what to use or don’t have any images? Check out this blog post to learn about free resources available. Plus, as a full-service design agency, Business Designs Unlimited can create beautiful graphics for your blogs.

Final Tip: Create a Call to Action

Tell your audience what you want them to do. Here is mine: if you don’t feel comfortable blogging, hire it out! At Business Designs Unlimited, we can help build your blog landing page, as well as professionally curate your posts. Contact us today to discuss your blogging needs!